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Terms Of Service

🧿 NO HATE SYMBOLS🧿 No NSFW; no genitals; bare female or trans chests accepted.🧿 NO furries or animals; NO real people (e.g. celebrities); NO children.🧿 Might hesitate to draw certain fanart of existing media but by all means ask away; WILL NOT DRAW MARVEL OR DC or heavily sci-fi imagery!🧿 Extreme blood and gore accepted.🧿 Respect that I find drawing hyper-masculine [cis] males uncomfortable—while I will draw males, they will appear more feminine given my style and what is within my skill and comfort range; trans-masc and gender-diverse figures are always accepted!🧿 Please provide references. Write them out in the utmost detail if you have no images.
Insufficient references may cause a rejection.
🧿 All payments via PayPal (first button on the HOME tab).🧿 Absolutely contact me for whatever reason, but please do not repetitively check in regarding commission status; I will keep you informed and check in with you throughout the process.🧿 Complete revisions NOT permitted. Correct me at the sketching stage.🧿 Understand that I have a medical condition which can make drawing for prolonged periods of time painful.🧿 If you cancel a commission, you cannot commission me again.

Art Comission Information

Prices in AUD; negotiable on a case-by-base (eg. colour vs greyscale, additional figures, etc.)

1: Miniature Portrait


2: Hair-Centric


3: Thigh/Hip


4: Full Body/Ankles


5: Scene


6: Book Cover

$100+ (negotiable)

Contact me for further details~SfarⒶ🧿֎⨳